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  1. Dan’s underground tunnel was reported to have made it all the way to directly underneath Austin the last time we heard. When we went over to it to check for potential emergence holes, it became clear that he either made a wrong turn or had some unfinished business to attend to first, as his tunnel continued under Texas towards the city of Las Vegas. Seems as though he’ll potentially work his way back down the tunnel he dug after he’s finished at the roulette table.

  2. hi, you guys (guy?) are clearly out of good ideas… want one? Make a super slow motion video on a Wilson Chamber!!! Cool right? See cosmic radiation in slow motion must be amazing!!

  3. Slow Mo Guys
    Can you do a video about welding. I know it might be difficult du to light but might be interesting to see how material is deposited or is melted to form a metallic weld

  4. I have an idea for you guys. Could you make slow motion video about the holographic fans? That's very interesting to understand how this works. I can not find any video on Youtube yet 🙁 so please make it 🙂

  5. I love how the younger viewers are impressed that this was done with "ancient", 40 year old technology, but don't realize that people were drawing shapes, text, and images on oscilloscopes (a vector graphic CRT) a century ago – right around the turn of the 1900s. To the younger generation's credit, though, it has been game graphics that has driven the advancement of monitor and display technology.

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