Cyberpunk 2077 – HUGE NEWS! CDPR Just Did The Unthinkable! This Changes Everything! New Updates!

Cyberpunk 2077 News Updates – So CD Projekt Red just did the unthinkable and made a big move today. This could truly change the game for the better in the future. Plus how is Cyberpunk 2077 performing after Update 1.3? Let’s discuss…

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  1. 3rd person for a open world game is a must

    Also for any game that’s open world need to refer to RDR2 as source material on how to do NPC Ai behavior/ interaction

  2. The problem is that people doesn't care about CP too much anymore, hype is over, people is pissed off, the new dlc and "contents" are a total waste of pixels. I'm not saying I didn't like it of course, I really enjoyed this game, man I had great fun even though it was completely messed up due to infinite glitches but you can clearly see how the storyline is cut, nothing to do in the city once you completed all secondary mission, and a lot more things. Cdpred could have lived 10 years with this game easily, keeping it in development for at least another year or two instead of rushing only for collecting money but completely spoiling players experience and all their devs effort. Now their trying (in vain) to plug the infite amount of holes but unfortunately, people now have a negative perception of the game, it could have been "the masterpiece" but it's "that cool game filled with glitches".
    It's not about taking CP to the next level, because the game should have been next level from the beginning.

  3. Hold the fucking phone did he say that bethesda is also hiring modders!?

    Bro.. That would.. That would be a dream come true 😭 damn am I our of the loop?

  4. To be honest i thought this game was going to be a lot different its 2021. A.I has moved on leaps and bounds in reality. This game should have reflected that and it simply hasn't it's bland and pointless.

  5. Fix the water please. Give us some physics. I know it's not subnautica and therefore it might be not that important but if you have the option to swim or even jump on your ride into the water, make it look believeable. Games on that scale should have decent water physics.

  6. Modding support with a decent GUI would be the most awesome thing that could happen to CP 2077. Just imagine actually opening one of the hundreds closed doors and customizing your own appartment or bar or whatever using both existing assets and assets you made yourself in Blender. The settlement builder, as cranky as it was, was the best feature Fallout 4 had, and CP 2077 would benefit soo much from something like that, even if we had to make such content in a seperate GUI to then plug it into the game as a mod.

  7. No amount of mods will fix the bad ending(s). I did all endings, hated them all. Either Z "lives" as Johnny Silverhands, or she dies, either by her own hand or by the chip eating away at her brain. Protagonists who die at the end of a game are not always a bad thing, LA Noire anyone? But the story in general was dumb, and also the world was largely empty. So to make me buy it again, I got a refund, the story needs to be pretty much wholly re-written, and the world needs a lot more fleshing out so I'm not going around in an empty world. Since none of those things will happen, I will pass.

  8. DLC?
    Multiple apartments/properties to buy and sell, car garages to view your cars, options to sell them. Personalise your properties perhaps with mementos from key missions, furniture, posters, music etc.

    Investing in business assets; say, buying a club and having options to run it legit or use it as a front for other forms of income e.g. sex work, drugs, whatever. Have instances when rivals attempt to take your assets. Good way to generate income to buy aforementioned properties and cars instead of crafting weapons en masse to sell to vendors.

    Quests – lots more. And perhaps a few more interesting heist ones similar to the arosaka tower job i.e. require a bit of planning etc. V is ultimately a crook not just some gun for hire. Some more of the wacky/funny ones too, they were great.
    Espionage quests, cyber security missions…

    Night City – give us the tram system from the trailer. Open up more buildings for further immersion, increase number of shops, variety of items for sale (furniture, shoe stores, car spray shops, hair stylists, tattoo parlours….).
    There is absolutely tons of stuff they could add that frankly would make CP2077 one of the very best games released.

    Edit: one of my pet peeves with CP is you spend all that time creating the look of V….and the only time you get a good cinematic where you see him/her is right at the end. More cinematics!!

  9. After 1.3 I have constant 60 FPS on the places where I had 45 in 1.2. So, no more framedrops for me, I instantly restarted the game. I can't belive this is finally happening. And the game looks better too, the colors are more vibrant and the textures are sharper. It finally looks like how it supposed to look from the beginning. After all I built my pc for this game basically. RTX 3060, Ryzen 5, 16 GB RAM, Right now I have 60 FPS on the crowded places, and 75-95 in the less crowded ones.

  10. God damn I wish I had taken that refund. I don’t know what I was thinking, trusting the thieves who robbed me to make it right. This game will never be anything but a trainwreck. I’ll never give CDPR another nickel, and I’ve given them quite a few over the years.

  11. Ah yes the Bethesda approach make the game modding friendly enough so the modders fix your shit and add more content to the game, pretty much the only thing left that can save the game

  12. 1.3 wasn't even a bunch of fixes..
    It was a bunch of nerfs and exploit deletes..
    Which is STUPID.. this is a single player game and the exploits didn't matter at all. Meanwhile, the bugs are still there.. and the lack of actual content outside of the basic stuff is annoying.
    Add to that, the 'free' dlc was some crappy jackets… smh…

    And the LAST thing I want is for this to be multiplayer. Multiplayer ruins great games…

  13. Guess there is no stopping the hype train for this guy. It just failed to deliver, so many other game to enjoy that actually finished their projects on time

  14. Im stuck with a bug im suppose to meet judy at her van shes not there, however i did find judy shes under the stair well but shes not moving just stood there i cant progress. Already tried older saves same shit keeps happening shes stuck im stuck grrrr any ideas youtube?

  15. and possibly and simply for me- just able to import our own face some how- that would make the whole game for me. the rest of the pieces can fall in line. but man that would be dope!

  16. Yeah is still one of my favorite games. I pkay on pc so its great there. After playing a certain early release game about zombies for years I love all the content and abilities there are in the game. But I guess if you expect it to have everything from every other aaa game or every irl weapon or car that seems a bit much. Compared to other early release games there is so much variety. I hope to play through it again come December. Cheers

  17. CDPR knows they fucked up with CP because of his shares went down a lot for the launch of it. SO they know they will need to fix it up at the point that it could be considered a "good game".

  18. Stop the sensationalist titles. Nobody is going to take you seriously. The unimaginable? This happens all the time. And it's a great way to find potential talent. They can skip the costs of going through Tech-focused Recruiters and hire directly, and their body of work is already proven and verifiable.

  19. They will still have to make the game a good game. It'll take such a long time to do it that people will simply forget it exists

  20. I rolled the dice with 1.3 on PC and while ive still ran into a little bug here and there it's now fun and playable. If you've been on the fence, now's a good time to give it a shot.

  21. I had a TON of fun with the game since release. I have like 200hrs i think, and i dodnt understand the whole hate against it. If u dont want toxicity, then just stay away from reddit

  22. Man please add 3rd person view 🙏 just that alone will make us appreciate the world more I hate games that let you make a character but we can't see it what's the point then don't understand just 3rd person vehicle only wtf that was super disappointing 😕

  23. Make the damn map zoom out when driving and turns are coming up PLEASE. Making 90 degree turns at 240 miles an hour is stupid. It's such an easy fix but ridiculous that it still isn't implemented. Driving just isn't fun because of this.

  24. No amount of work would convince me to reinstall this game unless they completely re-wrote the end. Respawning to last save is not how you finish a game, this is just lazy bullshit….which, Ironically matches the game itself.

  25. Major props to CDPR! Regardless of all the obstacles they don't give up and come through for their fans and all the potential customers.

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