[Hindi] Valorant Conquerors Championship | GE VS XO | India Qualifier #2 – Day 2 | Finals

Welcome to Nodwin Gaming’s Valorant Conquerors Championship, Where South Asia’s finest Valorant Talent will show the world their finesse ⭐

Hope you’re ready for exciting & highly tactical Valorant action, this is as competitive as it gets 🔥
Today we have top 2 teams from India Qualifier #2 battling to secure a slot in the VCC Grand Finals Playoffs! 🏆🏆

Match schedule:
Finals – Global Esports vs Team XO [Bo5]

Join us for these exciting matches LIVE on NODWIN Gaming as the teams Battle with agents that are adaptive, swift and lethal!
Best of luck to all the participating teams!

Nodwin Gaming’s Valorant Conquerors Championship is an avenue for South Asia’s top Valorant teams to showcase their talent to the world and go to the Last Chance Qualifiers of Valorant Champions Tour 👑

#VCC #VCC2021 #IndiaQualifier
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