Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Assassins Only – Sunken Citadel – Kutsao – Veteran Difficulty

This was a challenge that one of my subscribers requested and it was a showcase of Kutsao with assassins only for Sunken Citadel. I thought that would be a bit extreme, but I learned to not underestimate the assassins guid or Kutsao. The hero is known for beating the bananas out of enemies and when united together with assassins only, you can expect a whole lot of butt kicking (YEAH!), and a scenery we are “getting enemies out of the building”. Now, assassins tend to show a lot more efficiency at getting rid of enemies a lot quicker than templars so this challenge should not be extremely bad, but, there will be quite a bit of luck involved as the desire is that we kill off enemies quickly. Obviously, we will need to rely heavily on the assassin’s ability to instakill, but there is a lot of chance involved with that ability. Luckily, we have the shrine of regnos to use in dire situations, but we cannot just rely on that to get rid of super troublesome enemies. We will need to be clever and wise getting towers upgraded and set up to deal to best prepare for these dire situations. How sure are we that we can prevail only these towers and this particular hero? Can we execute with great wisdom, knowledge, and skill to pull this off? Let us see.

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  1. kutsao's "snake style ability" can reduce an enemy's damage 60% less damage permanently for every attack, it can stack to the point where the enemy deals 1-1 damage, so it would be nice to see him use it against bluegales and bloodshells.

  2. Assassins all the way. They are more durable than Templars, but only weak to ranged and area attacks. Otherwise they are bomb

  3. (bit too late, but nevermind) One of the best videos you store! Man… Now I like this stage. I wish I'd have such a luck though… Thanks also for showcasing Kutsao (funny coincidence), now I have a clear look of a good play. Boss fight tho was also really cool. I wonder if there'd be a video on your channel where this boss gets to the pillars (when a bucket of Bloodshells spawn).
    Good job, homie

  4. I thought assassins were not good but they were the best with pick pocket ,invisibility, counter attack and instalkilliling they are best tower are they melted that bloddshells

  5. For future challenges, most of the time the 2nd pickpocket upgrade isn't really worth it, you lose more money than you are actually getting from it

  6. Very interesting. Kutsao is very underrated, but most of his abilities deal true damage and they don't have a long cooldown at all. Plus, his Snake style ability is stackable. That means that you can, potentially, reduce the damage of the enemy he is targeting down to 0.
    Also, a challenge suggestion:
    Beat Archane Quarters ( level 13 in Kingdom rush Origins) with just barracks and Vez'nan.

  7. Do you think you can try an one tower only challenge?(maybe if you feel really bad ass, a no tower challenge)Idc on what game or map because I do not know what stages would be possible under these conditions. Make it as difficult as you want. Chose any hero you want.

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