Leaf particles [Game Maker Studio 2 | Advanced]

This advanced video tutorial shows you how to make leaf particles in GameMaker Studio.

The idea is quite simple, we create one object that holds a particle that we will spawn each time we loop the alarm. This can also be done with an emitter but it is much easier to with the function part_particle_create that already does that. Here we simply have gravity move the particles to the right and have the direction set down so they can float like leafes in a downward way.

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  1. 0:44 match it up with this 0:44 in this video https://youtu.be/BgJJIag_bEI 😅

    Great tree effect. Going to apply it to my projects now.

  2. This is what I was searching for, amazing !!! You should do a stamina and hunger system method too or even a day and night cycle, that would be amazing, great work btw <3

  3. Would like to see a tutorial on particles where the direction is dynamic, for example, the sparks coming out the end of a gun that rotates…

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